IoT enhance transportation

IoT in transportation means significant advancements in efficiency, safety, and sustainability

Smart Traffic Management

IoT sensors and cameras are deployed on triage railway area to monitor traffic flow in real-time. This data is used to optimize traffic signal timings, manage congestion, and improve overall traffic efficiency. Smart traffic management systems can reduce travel times, fuel consumption, and emissions.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT sensors in vehicles and infrastructure components (e.g., bridges, roads) provide real-time data on the condition of these assets. This information is used for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and improving overall system reliability.

Cold chain monitoring

Cold chain monitoring is a critical aspect of various industries, especially those involved in the storage, transportation, and distribution of temperature-sensitive goods (pharma, vaccines, perishable foods, and certain chemicals). IoT technology transforming the cold chain industry by providing real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of temperature-sensitive products during storage and transportation.

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