The railway triage area is the node where freight trains are assembled and disassembled by triaging the wagons. The traceability of the wagons and the establishment of the direction of exit/entry allows an increased control over the wagons and implicitly over the transported goods.


Rail transport is efficient in the case of goods and is the connecting bridge with the seaport, but the monitoring of freight wagons, especially in the triage areas, is not a simple mission. The traceability of the wagons in the triaging area is a complex activity, most of the time carried out by human staff, something that becomes very difficult in the sorting areas with high traffic. Always it is need of real-time data about the dynamics of the wagons in the triage area and this is a complex mission.


Mobilecontrol provides the advanced sensing system based on cutting-edge technologies that integrates IoT and RFID into tailored solution.
The system integrates a high precision distributed  sensors (RFID tags and anchors) connected to an intelligent central controller. These sensors send data in real-time about dynamics of wagons in the triage area (entry or exit) to central controller, via secured communication line, where data is stored to a database. Based on received sensors data values we get a real-time view about wagon’s dynamics in triage area and more of that, base on data, we can make decisions to trigger other devices (signaling, control, alert and so on) or we can use this data to advanced analysis.

All these sensors together with local video surveillance can be mixed and provide a very accurate view of dynamics of wagons.

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The Mobilecontrol solution, based on IoT and RFID technologies, it is not just about observing the railway triage area dynamics, it creates data-driven decision-making tool, enhances resource efficiency, and contributes to sustainable practices across all specific activities in a triage are.

Adrian Chicireanu, Mobilecontrol Owner

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