The pumping station for potable or irrigation water extracted from a drilled well is an important component of utility, agricultural or industrial systems. The optimal functioning of the pumping station must be focused on high reliability and minimal exploitation and maintenance costs.

For optimal performance, the operation of the station must be constantly monitored from the point of view of temperature, flow rates, pump vibrations, etc.


Even if we are talking about the potable or dirty water station or for irrigation, it is clear that this is a fundamental component of utilities, agricultural or industrial systems. The pumping station is a complex system, with multiple electrical and mechanical devices, whose failure can lead to utility unavailability. This has a huge impact on communities.

The permanent monitoring of the pumping station devices increases the reliability of the entire system, mitigates the reaction time in the event of a malfunction, allows proactive identification of malfunctions and, last but not least, increases operational safety.


All these should not be overlooked, knowing how important it is  water supply in the best parameters. Fortunately, that’s not the case here. Mobilecontrol has provided the advanced automation system to enable a very efficient and convenient way to overcome these challenges.

The principle of operation is based on the monitoring of the water level in the storage tanks and the automatic control of the pumps for drilling. The whole process is automatic and is monitored in real time via mobile phone/tablet/laptop.
The system notifies users through WhatsApp or Telegram applications and has the ability to control the components of the pumping/storage stations, using integrated protection mechanisms of these elements.

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IoT technology in the water stations context is more than a simple system, it is a data-driven decision-making, enhances resource efficiency, and contributes to sustainable practices, ultimately helping to address environmental challenges and promote conservation efforts.

Adrian Chicireanu, Mobilecontrol Owner

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