Air is the environmental factor that constitutes the fastest support that favors the transport of pollutants in the environment. Air pollution has significant adverse effects on human health and can cause damage to flora and fauna in general. For these reasons, air quality monitoring is important. Air quality is determined by air emissions from stationary sources and mobile sources (road traffic), with a preponderance in large cities but also in farms and factories, as well as long-distance transport of atmospheric pollutants.


Air quality monitoring has multiple scenarios of use both in agriculture and in industry. Imagine a building or farm when the CO2/NH3/CH4 level exceeds the normal level. Without intelligent sensing systems for air quality, the ventilation is poor or consumes a lot of energy.

Also, the presence of some gases that exceeded normal level could generate hazardous situation for humans and assets and this could lead to damages hard to assess.


Mobilecontrol provides the advanced sensing system for CO, CO2, CH4, NH3, as well as, for temperature and humidity.
The system integrates high precision sensors connected to an intelligent central controller. These sensors send data at preset time interval to central controller where data is stored to a database. Based on received sensors data values central controller can take decisions to control other devices, for example: if CO2 preset level is exceeded then the central controller send command  turn on ventilation. Ventilation will receive command turn off when CO2 level returns to normal level. A similar scenario can be applied for a farm where ammonia is a sensitive parameter.

All these environmental sensors can be mixed with other type of sensors (light, current, voltage, occupancy, energy and so on) to build a tailored  solution that makes from your farm a smart one.

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IoT in the environmental context facilitates data-driven decision-making, enhances resource efficiency, and contributes to sustainable practices across various sectors, ultimately helping to address environmental challenges and promote conservation efforts.

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